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Becky's favorite treasure to seek out is the little items that make your house a home. The special l

Becky's favorite treasure to seek out is the little items that make your house a home. Vintage knick knacks, mid-century lamps, small antique accent items for you to add those little touches to make it your design.


We are always on the hunt for beautiful, functional furniture. Many times we don't have tbem very lo

We constantly are on the hunt for beautiful and functional furniture. Much of the furniture we buy we don't have long as we price reasonably.  As they say "the time to buy it is when you see it".



Mark is an artist. He helps to fill the shop with valuable artwork to fill your walls with color and interest. You may even find some of his own work in the collection. 



Toys! Toys! Toys! Just like you, we love toys. We seek out vintage and antique toys that remind us our childhood. Toys you had or desired as a kid are out there in someone's basement or attic gathering dust, we find them and bring them to you.



Christmas! Halloween! 4th of July! What's your favorite? Becky's favorite is Christmas and the collection she has is constantly growing. Problem is she likes to keep much of it for herself. We find vintage decorations for all holidays and offer to you if they can be stolen from Becky. Lol.

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Antiques and Vintage

We constantly seek rare, unique and high quality antique and vintage furnishings, decor, artwork, knick-knacks, tools and whatever we think someone else may enjoy. Many people connect with their past with items from their childhood or something that holds a special place in t heir memory. We shop that way.


Unique finds!

When you are looking for something different or new, check with us first! We are always adding or rotating our stock. We have way too much for our stores and have some in storage. We may already have that piece you need!


We love what we do!

One of the major reasons we are in this business is it's our passion! We love the thrill of the hunt and we love that we find people that appreciate the items we have found. You will find we offer very competitive prices and a varied inventory. We network with other antique and vintage businesses so we know our market.


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Currently we maintain shops in Hanover and York Pa, Westminster, Md and Gordonsville Va

Best of Times Store

441 Pine Street, Hanover, Pennsylvania 17331, United States



Hours listed above are for Yesteryear Antique Mall in Hanover Pa

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